I am a storyteller

I am a storyteller.

Many years ago when I asked myself “Who am I?” I didn’t know the answer.  I raced back and forth, searching frantically for myself when I should have stood still.  Hindsight is 20/20 but at least I began my exploration of Self.  This is my story.

As I have said multiple times during my writing lives, this journey is for me.  You are invited to come along, but don’t for a second think you control the narrative.  If you’ve come for the salacious tidbits, there are plenty.  Whether you find out about any of them is – again – up to me.  My life.  My blog.  My rules.

I write.  I read.  I ponder.  I rant.  I try.  I cry.  I fail.  I fall.  I sit back, trying to catch my breath and center myself.  I day dream because the nightmares are too real, but they blur.  Now I wonder not just who I am, but where I am.

Like a cat I have insatiable curiosity which I have honed to an art form and dared to look at the Queen.  My eyes reopened to life as it was meant to be lived; I just took longer to find its meaning.

It’s a good thing I have nine lives.  Welcome to my day dreams, nightmares and everything else in between.

Welcome to my story.

(H)eden has split in two.

God bless,


Lisa Dawn

June 23, 2020


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