Stray Dog

What do you think happens if you chase a stray dog?  Does running towards that dog allow you to catch her?  Not usually.  They can outrun us with their four legs.  In order to secure the dog, you have to run away from it – preferably in the opposite direction of the street – and have the canine engage in a game of chase.

Living life is like catching that dog.  Life is indeed a bitch.  If you run at it, it turns and runs away, keeping what you most desperately want just out of reach.  If you run in the other direction, it chases you.

Except… not always.

There is one time when you have no choice but to take a direct run at life.  When your fears are holding you back, you need to brace yourself and lean into it.  You know what your fear is, even if you don’t know why you fear it.  You only come alive after you have faced your deepest and darkest fear.

I’m pretty sure it’s one of the laws of the universe.

If you hold onto anything too tightly, it disspates and slips through your fingers like a mist.  If you face it, you stop carrying the mountain that you were meant to only climb.  Not keep it in front of you and bearing all of its weight and never reach the top.  The burden is gone once it’s dealt with.

And it’s easier than you think.

Just do it.  Whatever is holding you back, examine it fully and ask yourself why?  Is your ego in the way?  Mine gets in the way all the friggin’ time.  She is a monster.  But in order to tame her, I had to put the spotlight on her.  Back her into a corner with no escape.  And… she bites.

We do our best to shy away from the fire that we believe will consume us, but walk through it we must.

Life is a game of tag.

You’re it.

The Fox circa 2020BC

P.S. This was written for a good friend.  You know who you are.

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