A Modern Woman’s View of Valentine’s Day

I didn’t have time to write this yesterday – for February 14th – but here it is a day late and a dollar short…

My February 14th started at 5:00 AM without me remembering that it was Valentine’s Day.  My work/life balance has been off as I pour myself into hard work and my weeks have jumbled and merged.  I swore yesterday was Friday because I have already worked at least 48 hours since Monday.  At 5:10 AM I received and responded to my first email of the day, then got myself ready to head to the office.  I was chairing a meeting and bribed my colleagues to attend by offering coffee and a breakfast of sweet nothings:

vd donuts

“What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” someone asked as I dropped the remaining donuts off on the finance interns’ desks.  They commented about the memes floating around on the singularity on Valentine’s Day.

“Working!” I replied.

“Happy VD!” said another.

“Sounds like a disease…”

“Love is an infection.”

Revenge of the Singles (who outnumber the Couples).  “What do singles call Valentine’s Day?” one asked.  “Happy Independence Day!”

Truth is… I am not really a big fan of the modern Valentine’s Day.  If you can’t love me the other 364 days of the year + 1 every four years, then fuck it.  I think the concept of Valentine’s is wonderful because we all need a little more love in our lives.  As my friend pointed out, Valentine’s Day could be a gateway to let someone new into your life, or a gentle reminder of what is important to couples caught up in the mundane repetitiveness of life.  But I don’t expect – or want – packaged and commercialized expressions of love.  Money doesn’t buy it.  Those $90 roses (which were $30 last week) and a $100 dinner for two in a packed restaurant seem forced upon us.  We aren’t loved if someone isn’t spending money on us.


Give me one tulip in the spring (they are my favourite flower) and let’s make dinner at home.  Just because.

As he was growing up, I tried to teach my son that love should be a part of every day, but I also made Valentine’s fun with chocolate and toys.  One year – as a joke – I bought him the Webkinz Love Frog stuffie.  Much to my surprise, he loved it.  Love Frog is still with us today and spent time in the hospital during my chemo treatments.

I give my dogs hugs and kindness every day.  No, Carly did not get the Love Frog.  He is just snuggling in for a photo op.

Just look at her beautiful, soft and caring eyes.  How can people think that animals aren’t sentient beings?  I love my dogs.


But each to their own.  If Valentine’s Day is your thing, do your thing.

Just don’t make assumptions that those of us who aren’t celebrating are missing it.  Just like March 14th shouldn’t the only day you eat steak (if you like meat).  Ya know?  Or am I just sick of being told what to do and when?

The Fox circa 2020BC


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