Lesson 6 ~ “I am upset because I see something that is not there”

“I am upset because I see something that is not there.”

Search your mind for a moment and find what is bothering you most.

What are you feeling?  Name the form of upset you are experiencing:

  • Sadness:  depression, despair, disappointment, hopelessness
  • Anxiety:  fear, worry, concern, nervous, panic, dread
  • Anger: irritation, frustration, annoyance, rage
  • Shame/Embarrassment
  • Guilt
  • Grief

What IS bothering you most?

No upset is too big or too small to tackle.  They all have equal space in your head.

“I am <?> about <?> because I see something that is not there.”

“I am worried finances because I see something that is not there.”

I have a fantastic job.  I have skills.  I can support myself and Matt alone.

I’m ok.  We’re ok.

This is beginning to look and feel like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Is it a real problem today?

      Yes, then take action.

      No, then stop worrying about it.

Much of what we stress over isn’t real or based in facts.  It’s not really there.  I think here we are talking about chronic worry and stress, which all of us face these days, not something acute like a <death> in the family.  Although after enough time, you also have to ask yourself the same questions.

Daily stress adds more and more cortisol to your system which does a number on your brain and your body.  Your memory and capacity to learn are diminished (sound familiar?).  Cortisol can damage your brain structure and connectivity, leading to mental health disorders.  It lowers your immune system and even your bone density.

There has to be a physical release – fight or run like hell – otherwise, the cortisol builds up in your body.  If you suffer from chronic stress, you must do regular physical activity to replace the fight or flight.

Dance, kickbox, run for twenty minutes a day.

Regular activity to replace a fight or flight.


Be social.


Listen to music that inspires you.

Remove the fear and increase your happiness, self-confidence and your resilience.

“I am upset because I see something that is not there.”
“I am upset because I see something.”
“I am upset because I see.”
“I am upset because.”
“I am upset.”
“I am.”

“I am not upset because what I see is not there.”

The Fox

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  1. Ryan Hauck says:

    Thank you for the additional info about Cortisol, was not aware of that. Richest Blessings


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