Meet Jerri!

I totally forgot (#chemobrain) to introduce you to Jerri!  Jutta and Gerry came to Chemo #15 with me so I that is how I named this wig.

Meet Jerri!

Jerri tells fortunes! That’s when I got her way back in 2011 for $15. She has been through many belly-dancing events with me.
Jerri bellydances.
Jerri wears white sequin Calvin Klein dresses to chemo.
Jerri is bubbly and happy!

She made the nurses smile and the other patients laugh!  She was happy, happy, happy!

She is named for Jutta and Gerry who came with me to Chemo #15.  It is good to have good friends who get you through the darkest of times without judgement.

She’s Number 8!  If I ever go to a Black + White party again, this is my outfii!


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