A crisp new Word document.

Chai Latte (homemade).

Vanilla and apricot undertones.

French Vanilla.

Ice Cream with a rich, dark hot chocolate sauce.

Real vanilla isn’t white.

Bake with the real stuff.

I am not entirely sure why Vanilla was on my mind last evening, except to say that I was thinking about the real impact of artificial flavours.  They are as fake as the proverbial $3 bill, yet they persist because they are much easier and cheaper than the real thing.  Only 1% of vanilla flavouring experienced today is authentic extract from the orchid’s vanilla bean.

Once this beautiful orchid is extinct, we lose a flavour which has become essential to our palates.  Vanilla ain’t so vanilla…

The Bittersweet Story of Vanilla

Harvard on Natural vs Artificial Flavors

Nothing beats authenticity.

Sorry my writing is so sporadic.  I get sidetracked by the news but then try to change the world anyway.  It only takes one voice on the wings of a butterfly to sail around the world.

May all the people in Lebanon AND Kenya eat real food, drink clean water, have top rate health care for their medical and mental health needs.  Trust.  Love.  Because without them Charity or Hope may not be enough to carry Faith.  Solid and relevant education for their children and prosperity for you and your neighbours.  WHY is that so hard to wish for?  While you have fears of your own for your family?

Maslow’s Hierarchy starts with a healthy body and mind, but if you keep going… your soul gets healthy too!

Amen. Amin.

Watu wote wanahaki ya kusikizwa.



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  1. The Fox says:

    أتمنى أن يأكل كل الناس طعامًا حقيقيًا ويشربون مياهًا نظيفة للحصول على رعاية صحية عالية المستوى لاحتياجاتهم الطبية والعقلية. ثقة. حب. لأنه بدونهم قد لا تكون الصدقة أو الأمل كافيين لحمل الإيمان. تعليم قوي لأطفالهم وازدهارهم على الأرض

    يبدأ التسلسل الهرمي لماسلو بجسم وعقل سليمين ولكن إذا واصلت تقدمك فستصبح روحك صحية أيضًا.


  2. The Fox says:

    And for میرےدوست in Pakistan


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