Becoming Fearless

Yesterday, I blogged about choosing my word for 2019:  FEARLESS

Today I want to craft my brand in a mission statement to myself.

To live fearlessly … always choosing the path to enlightenment and betterment, even if it appears dark & lonely.  For I don’t walk alone*

*Note that the mission statement is subject to change without prior warning.  It’s mine.

It’s my own take of Michelle Obama’s “When they go low, we go high.”

But what does that mean to me?  It means that I won’t allow myself to remain frozen in fear or take flight.  It means I am getting into the ring with my deepest fears and facing them.

I have to acknowledge them, size them up and throw a few punches at them.  I have to accept that I might get the shit kicked out of me, but I won’t run in fear.

It’s okay to fail.  It’s okay to fuck up.


I have to be authentically me.  Embrace who I have become.

Which path do I want to follow?  The red pill or the blue pill?  The road less travelled or the easy way out?  My choices reflect my inner state.  Therefore my thoughts become reality.  So … I am going to live in a dream world for a while.

What am I willing to fight for?  What can I walk away from?

What is my best version of me?

If I am in a room full of people with the same qualities as me … how do I stand out?  Aside from the time I stood on the table and danced …

I am very good at collecting words which define where I want to go.  I have an entire pinterest board full of them.  But I haven’t acted on them.  And isn’t that what I complain about most in men I’ve dated?  Their actions do not measure up to their words … and I hate that.  Yet … here I am doing it to myself.   I placed several of my favourites in my Fearless Board and will remind myself daily of my personal mission.

Finding the positive light in something dark is both my gift and my curse.  It is a delicate balance between humility and ego by allowing enough light in to withstand the storm without becoming the monster.

How many people can say they enjoyed cancer?  I had a riot doing my own thing.  That experience reminded me that I have to walk my talk.

When nothing goes right … go left.

Unapologetically me.

Will I tell you about all of my fears and my failures?  Eventually.  But you will have to buy the book.  My fails are pretty stellar.

The Fox

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© 2018

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  1. Marc says:

    Love your style, lady!

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