Hot Mess

Our weather patterns are a hot mess.  While Hurricane Michael built itself up to a Category 4 storm in stealth mode, we were breaking heatwave records in Canada.

Hot weather makes me cranky.  After volunteering in the Emergency Room many years ago, I realized that there was a pattern connecting heat to tempers … violence, especially domestic violence, rose sharply with with mercury.

You just have to look at recent headlines trending … the world only has 10 years to the tipping point of no return from global warming.  Just think of what a 2 degree (average) rise in temperature will do to our tempers …

To add to my own misery, I think chemotherapy has forced me into early menopause … so I am constantly a hot mess.  While others love the hot and humid fall, I hate it.  I hate humidity.  I am constantly trying to shed my clothes.

Somebody please turn down the heat!

The hot Fox

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