A Course In Miracles ~ Lessons 1 & 2

Several days ago, I read a book called A Course In Miracles

I found it via my usual route … a winding path on a journey to enlightenment through philosphy, theology and science.  I don’t believe they are mutually exclusive, yet struggled to find my place in the world of religion.

As part of that process, I have waded through some very deep waters.  I have argued with myself – and others – on the existence of God, of Jesus and of the Devil.  I’ve read books to study almost every major religion and took online classes in my search for the truth.

I’ve met some wonderful people while on that journey.  Our paths crossed for a reason.  Either I will learn from them, or they from me, or both.  I am still finding my truth as I debate online with fellow theists and atheists.b <– [Please pardon the extra ‘b’s that may show up in my typing.  I sliced my index finger open on a can and it bled for over an hour.  Heavily bandaged and awkward.]

I am a firm believer that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” … but the student has to take the first step. You can’t lead them across the river, only show them that it’s there.  The difficulty is that it’s not a staircase before us, nor a bridge or a life raft.  It’s more like finding your way out of depression.

It’s a deep valley with cliffs and a river which you have to cross by hopping from one stone to another. Sometimes you miss and slip into the water. You might even go under. Sometimes you zig zag, take a step back and ponder what’s next. Sometimes you sit down, stuck and unable to decide which chess move to make next. But you can make it.

No one path to the other side is the same.

What works for one, may not work for another. My life isn’t your life.  My journey isn’t your journey.

I arrived at a startling discovery – which I won’t get to yet – because (I can) in blog-world, take you back to the beginning of the week.  While I am writing this post on Sunday morning, it’s date will show as Wednesday, August 16, 2018.  That is the day I read A Course In Miracles and reached out to find a Facebook group dedicated to following its Lessons and a workbook.

Lesson 1:  Nothing I see means anything.  The workbook attempts to strip away meaning.  Make sure you don’t leave anything out on purpose.  I think it’s meant to consciously uncouple you from attachment (Sorry Gwyeth).

However it wasn’t until the second lesson plan for the day that it really produced results.

Lesson 2:  I have given everything I see all the meaning that it has for me.

While Lesson 1 was a good start, Lesson 2 really resonated me as I understand that I gave everything in my life meaning and value … from my Pandora bracelet to my family.

It’s truly humbling to detach from “stuff”.  Not that my family is “stuff” … but they are “stuff”.  In my case, I hold most of them in the highest regard, but that might not be true for others.  Whether our attachment to “stuff” is positive or negative, it’s still “stuff” we have given meaning to.  And can take meaning away from.

Join me as I go through all 365 lessons from A Course In Miracles.

Deep thoughts.

The Fox

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© 2018

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  1. Ryan Hauck says:

    The Course is profound, and it breach the wall in the mind we have made as an attempt to block out the Love of God. I look forward to joining you in this journey.


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  2. Shawna Rae says:

    I followed the same path through science, NDEs, psychics, etc., and of course, all the major religions. The Course in Miracles has profoundly changed my life. It’s my answer. 💕

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