30 New Experiences

Did I post my 1 Second Everyday video here?  I know I put it up on Facebook … but #chemobrain has fogged out whether I put it up here.  1 Second Everyday is a phone app which let’s you mash a couple of seconds of video together.  The premise is that you take video every day and then make a mini movie out of it to remember your seconds.

I did this for August … through my last few chemotherapy treatments.  The video makes me cry because having cancer made me realize how precious our seconds are.  We don’t get to go back and do it again … and your life can be over in Split Second.  Take the time to live, laugh and love, because there isn’t always a tomorrow.

This video gave me an idea.  I want 30 new experiences.  I want to try new things and experience life and … video!  Then I can have a 1 Second Everyday of totally new and unique experiences.  Starting today!  I went ATVing with my date and he let me drive!  Of course, I wanted to go through all the puddles! 🙂  I looked like a mud wrestler from the waist down.  Love it!

This mashup was made possible by another iPhone app called Clips so you get more than a second of me driving and us splashing through the waterlogged trails.  Great fun!  Thanks Daniel* XO.

** Note that the video doesn’t appear to be playing here.  I will have to troubleshoot later.

Live long and prosper!

The Fox

*Name(s) changed to protect the innocent!

© 2017

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