Go Red! Go Sasha!

So sorry I haven’t been writing.  I’ve been out dating!  Had lots of first dates, but have spent the last two weeks with one ruggedly handsome 6’2″ firefighter.  Date #1 was six hours of talking at Brock St. Brewery then Milestones … Date #2 was eight hours of hiking then more chatting and getting to know each other at another restaurant… Date #3 was six hours golfing followed by nachos and beer.  And a kiss.  We’ve done some really fun stuff for Date #4 and 5.  Planning Date #6.  Hey.  The three date rule isn’t my rule.  I’ve said it before … don’t confuse sexuality with promiscuity.  I just want one (decent) guy and I have had to crawl through the pond looking for one.  One who won’t take advantage of my generosity.  One who will take it slow and build a healthy, adult relationship (with lots of great sex).  One who won’t screw around while on vacation.

I am not really ready to date seriously so I am not looking beyond today … and no idea where I will end up.  But I am enjoying the journey.

It’s my other alter ego Heather who is doing all the dating.  I hid my POF profile because the response was overwhelming.  And, I can’t date multiple guys at once if we’ve managed to make it beyond date #5.  I usually wait for #5 because 1, 2 & 3 are feelers.  You never know who will ghost and zombie.  I really would like to crawl inside the heads of men.  Sure, a few ran at the word “cancer” but most have been understanding and willing to date.  But that is Heather’s tale to weave …

Let’s get back to the Story of Sasha!

Last Wednesday was my 10th dose of Taxol – overall my 14th dose of chemo – and I only have two left.  TWO!  Ignore the typo on my sign below.  I can’t count properly with #chemobrain.  That means in ten days, I get to ring the bell (and cry like a baby), get this PICC line out of my arm and regrow my hair.  My eyelashes and eyebrows are completely gone at this point.  However, that didn’t stop me from doing what I said I wanted to do from the beginning … show up at chemo wildly dressed in leather and fishnet.  My fellow dog rescuer Debbi accompanied me to chemo and thus named the red wig “Sasha” because I am sassy and sashayed through the Chemo Lounge!

One of the other nurses motioned for Katherine to come over to see me.  She was my my first and favourite oncology nurse.  Katherine laughed and said “Oh I know exactly when you arrived!  I was with a patient and her head popped up to look over my shoulder, then her husband’s head popped up! I bet they were looking at you!”  Yes … yes I did make a grand entrance into the hospital that day.  Debbi recorded video of me strutting that stuff all over the Chemo Lounge. I want the nurses to fondly say “Remember that patient who always came dressed up?  And showed up in fishnet stockings and 5 inch heels?!  She was crazy but fun!” 

Notice that little tug of propriety at my short skirt!  Mom … you did notice, right?!

My plan was to wear my leather bustier … but it was a little too small and tight even for Sasha.  So I wore a black tank top, black sequin mini skirt, fishnet stockings and my signature 5-inch stilettos, diamond hoop earrings and those aviator sunglasses that get me into trouble. Guys love them.  I get at least one comment every time I wear them.

I want to go out with a BANG!  Two more chemos left.


Yes … some people did point and stare!  Debbi said that an old lady at the Volunteer booth nudged the other and said “Look at that!” as we left.  I should have gone over and got a selfie with them!  But funny enough … most people gravitated towards us.  They leaned in to our circle to engage and chat.  In my corner of the Chemo Lounge, we had people talking and laughing!  We made new friends.  I love that!

Debbie and I stopped into the Lion & Unicorn to grab some lunch on the way home and I made another friend.  Sasha sashayed to the Ladies Room and on her way back, this very handsome guy said “Hey Red!” so I stopped to chat.  His younger and very good looking buddy tossed “See ya later, Red!” over his shoulder as he left.  Of course I asked the waitress for the 411 on him.  Found out from her that the guy I spoke to is also a firefighter.  And a somewhat regular customer.  Hmmmm.  Heather might need to be called in … but he was quite taken with Sasha.  Who else shows up at a Pub on Hump Day in fishnet stockings?  The Wild Child.

I said right at the beginning of my chemo journey that I would strut my stuff through the Chemo Lounge … and I have!

Hello 911? I’m on fire!b

Let’s see what trouble I can get into this week!  Think of me on Wednesday when I get my 15th – 11th of Taxol – and second to last dose of chemo!

With red hot love,



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