Historical Analysis of the Blog

As I prepare to start the next series, I can’t help but look back on this blog.  This start.  This field of dreams in the middle of Nowhere, Internet with my little voice.  There were name changes.  Mood swings.  Meltdowns.  /Rants.  But, even my early stock photos were geared towards this journey.

One of the very first images I bought was that of a sparrow on a fence post in the middle of winter.  Stark but elegant.  If you have known me for a few years, you know my story of my baby sparrow.  I’ve told it so many times, but never posted the rewritten version I most recently worked on.  It has morphed through several different styles as I did.

It’s as far from perfect as you can get but it is still my story.

Allow me to unpack the story tomorrow!

Godspeed (which is 3MPH),



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