I said I could

… and I did.

I’m not quite sure where this is starting, but it isn’t @ 2:22PM today.  It really goes back before the blog – or any form of my blog – existed.  But it was then that I started to capture the story – late 2015 when I first began to connect with who I am.  It was just in time, because life became incredibly complicated around the same time.

Cancer … single … falling apart live from the 5th floor penthouse in hell … yet I still had no idea how bad my seas would get.

Because this is my blog, there are words, whole chapters I was not ready to put up on display.  Doesn’t mean I wasn’t being authentic with myself and slogging through some very difficult terrain.  I stood apart to find my strength, to reconnect with who I really am at my core, without interference.

But Murphy really doesn’t like me… It didn’t stop with cancer.  It didn’t even stop with a broken leg when I knew in my heart that God had purposely sidelined me.  And I still got up and walked home with a broken ankle.  It was only the beginning of that slippery slope that I had to roll down, quite literally, and climb back up.  On my own.  While trying desperately to keep a roof over my family’s head.  As the steps of safety blurred, so did my sanity.  If only I knew that I couldn’t see where I was going… but it got worse.

I confused your story with mine, Murphy.

God bless,

Lisa Dawn

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