I Am A Born-Again Christian

There.  I said it.

I am a born-again Christian.

(Hold on to the first thought that popped into your mind when you read that!  LOL.)

As I went through the process of “finding God”, I realized that I would look like every other lunatic if I boldly declared “I have found God”.  I was convinced that I had found God, but my journey wasn’t over a day or a year ago.  I wasn’t born-again, I was in the process of being born again.  I (am? is? will be? was?) on my way, but hadn’t(haven’t?…) arrived at my final destination.

What does a lunatic Christian look like?  To me, it’s some filthy, poor, dirty soul or fundamentalist ranting on the corner of Yonge & Dundas: “SINNERS! THE END IS NIGHish!”

May as well say “YOU ARE DOOMED.”  Oh wait!  He did!

Or, jump out of the closet and yell “Hail Mary!” at young, wandering, and lost souls.  Scares the be***** out of us. That’s kind of what happened to me.  And just like Boo, I went running into the arms of Sulley.

Does that mean I have all the answers?  Nope.  Because my journey isn’t yet over.  As I figured it out – and continue to do so – I realized that I wanted to get back to writing.  I have been writing every day, but just privately for myself, or in my creative writing classes; which I failed the last two courses because I didn’t complete them (for various reasons).

But, I am ready to do exactly what I said when I started blogging.

“Be authentic.”

It feels SO good to say that, but I can’t let you race to the end to read the last page, because it isn’t written yet.  Join me in my journey as I write my out my path with as much reverence as I write my signature in my own handwriting with a BIC medium in classic, corporate blue ink.

This is just my journey.  I am writing it for me, but realized that it may help others who aren’t quite there as well.  We have room for everyone!  Sit by the fire with a Quarantini and we will have a locktail party while I write.

I can only write ~3 days/week because I’m still working, familying, pandemicking = (got sick, cooking or skipping the dishes, shopping at weird hours and avoiding others like the plague and cussing out bodies that DARE to get too close, but then stepping right in front of someone I didn’t notice).  And back to blogging.  Stay tuned!


Lisa May 2nd, 2020

Note:  The date is the day I started the post.  Unfortunately, I edit on the fly, so please check this link frequently.  I’m mostly extrovert and I talk to think.

My blog.  My rules.



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