Lesson 4 ~ “My thoughts do not mean anything”

Whoa.  Wait.  What?

But my thoughts talk to me all day and night?  They are prisoners in my head.  Each human has this complete vortex of thoughts, feelings and emotions swirling non-stop silently inside them.

What do you mean they mean nothing?

My real thoughts are being blocked out by my good and bad thoughts?  Whaaaat?  And this is a major lesson that requires repeats?

Is this the ego getting in the way of the soul?

Are my thoughts really as wispy as clouds that come and go in the sky to blot out the sun?

Maybe I am overthinking this.

Thought:  “Boy, it’s hot and humid tonight.”

Exercise:  “Does that thought really accomplish anything?  It observes, but it doesn’t change or isn’t an agent to change.”

Perplexed, but trying to let of belief that my thoughs have meaning…

The Fox

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