All Dogs Deserve a Crown

It was a video of beagles freshly rescued from a laboratory which started my path to rescuing dogs.  While my heart clenched so hard that tears poured out of my eyes, it also swelled with happiness that there were people who would save them.

Someone from the lab tipped off the rescue that the beagles were no longer wanted.  I have no idea what labs do with “unwanted” animals, nor do I want to speculate what goes on before or after the archaic testing.

These beagles were ushered into nine cages in a van for a five hour drive.  After dawn broke a few hours into the drive, the team stopped so that the beagles could get their first sniff of freedom.  With saucer eyes, most didn’t venture out of their cages at first.  But curiosity finally pulled them out for their first walk on grass, tails wagging.  Loaded back into the van, the rescuers took each dog out one by one for some lovin’.

Beagles are chosen as lab rats for their size and sweet dispositions.

I’ve met many rescue dogs, even transported a beagle or two along the 401 Corridor from shelters to foster homes.  It’s a ride neither of us forget.  I remember the beagle I transported was named Gus* and he insisted on keeping his head on my shoulder for the entire ride from Kingston to Oakville.  I lost track of his whereabouts, but I am sure that that are better today.

Guy*, Meghan Markle’s rescued beagle, is now living the dream across the pond at Kensington Palace.  All dogs deserve to be rescued and live like royalty.  Mine do.  They are treated as loved family members with the best my money can buy.  Medical care.  Real food.  Long walks.  Lake swims.  Chew toys.  Soft beds (when they aren’t on mine).  And lots of love.

If you’ve never thought about adopting a rescue dog before, please consider one.  Rescue is my favourite breed.

* Names not to be confused.

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