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My second creative writing course at the University of Toronto – Writing Through Reading – started three weeks ago.  I’ve been so busy getting well that I haven’t had the time or inclination to blog.   So sorry and thank you to those who reached out to see where my words were.

Sharing my Week 1 Exercise 1:

Write your own obituary.  250 words.

DAWN, Lisa   Suddenly on 02/22/2038 at the age of 72 – Lisa was born to party, having crashed a New Year’s Eve soirée in Montréal, Quebec.  When the Obstetrician asked her mother if she wanted to wait to have the New Year’s baby, Elizabeth said “Stick that chair up your ass and hold it until midnight with me.”  Lisa was born just before 11PM on Friday, December 31st, 1965.  Loving daughter of (deceased) Edmund and Elizabeth, youngest sister of Ann and Wayne, oldest (chosen) sister of Terri.  Beloved mother to Matthew.  Partner in crime to Mr. 1969.  Lisa loved him, her son, and their rescue dogs.  She loved to cook and never missed making Christmas Turkey with Sage & Onion Stuffing, despite hangovers on oaky Chardonnay.  Lisa’s career as a Technologista fueled her love for the digital age and photography.  She bellydanced, drove too fast and cried her way out of countless tickets (though, ironically, none were issued to her BMW), but cherished peaceful early morning rides in the forest.  The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.  She was well known in the community and volunteered for over forty years in emergency rooms, youth baseball and dog rescue.  Lisa survived cancer and leaves a legacy of the last word in her memoir Of Vice, Virtue & Victory.  She was a paradox of light and darkness.  Lisa lived her life by not suffering fools gladly, but believed in our assumption of our bodies and souls into heavenly glory.

Lisa does not wish to be buried.  She would like her ashes to be sprinkled around Crystal Lake, Vermont; Rue Crescent, Montreal, Quebec, Killbear Provincial Park and random intersections in Toronto, Ontario.  A fistful of her ashes will be distributed in the bushes of her ex-boyfriend’s home, despite his anger.  The remaining ashes should be flung out the sun roof of a BMW on the DVP, just like her engagement ring.  A celebration of life to follow on King St. W. every Thursday at 9PM.  Club attire.  Open bar.

Romans 8 38 39

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