I hope my son appreciates me.

“Mom, the internet is down.”

“Working for me.  I am watching Netflix.”

“My computer won’t connect.”

“Try rebooting.”  It’s Windows ….

“Still won’t.  Do we have another ethernet cable?”

“Short one.  Install your old wireless adapter on your main computer.”(he has 2 gaming computers and a laptop for school).

“I tried the cable on my laptop, it’s fine.”  Excellent troubleshooting, kiddo!

“You only have one ethernet port?”

“Yes, it’s on the motherboard.  Why would it stop working?”

“It’s hardware.  Haven’t you heard of Murphy’s Law?”

“I don’t have the driver for the wireless.”

“Download it.”

“I’ve never installed a driver.”

I picked up his wireless adapter, read him the name and part number and told him to google that + driver.“Download it to your laptop and transfer it over via USB key.”

“Still isn’t working.  It can’t find the device.”

“Maybe it’s too old.  Run ipconfig for me. Now go into Device Manager.  Everything looks ok.  Can you reboot into BIOS?”

“Mom, I don’t have time.  I have to get this project submitted before midnight.”

“OK, it sounds like your ethernet port has shorted.”

“I don’t have a NIC.”

“Do you have any free slots?”


Mom runs over to Computer Canada before 8PM closing.

“My son’s ethernet port on his motherboard is shot.  I need a PCIe NIC.”

Paid $45 with tax and left with the card.  

“Is this PCIe X4?”

“No it’s PCIe X1 but you can install it in any slot.  Just don’t forget to ground yourself so you don’t totally fry the motherboard.”

“How do I do that?  Where is the PC toolset you have?”

I get the $150 PC toolset and hand him the grounding strap.

“What do I do with it?”

“Put the strap on your wrist and connect the clamp to the chassis on a metal part.”

“On the motherboard?”

“NO!  On the chassis.  Or, just keep one hand on the chassis while you install the new card.  That will ground you as well.”

He puts the strap on me and says “Hey Mom!  You are grounded!”


Do I get the Best Mother Award?

P.S. He installed the NIC card and is back on the WWW!

The Fox

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