Beach Glass

Daily Writing Prompt – 6 Mar 18:  Write a scene that involves a bear, a windmill, and a piece of beach glass.


The elders had gathered our families around the fire to listen to tonight’s story.  We sat, one circle of children inside another circle of adults, to stay warm.  Winter’s fierce Wind still howled through the trees, making the snowflakes dance into the corners.

“Ten thousand moons ago,” the Chief said “the Land was covered ice.  Nothing grew until the glaciers had retreated to the Northern Seas under the Green Lights.”

Waabi-Makwa leaned forward.  He loved this story and knew each word by heart.  He was named for the White Bear.

The Raven flew down from the skies to spread the Green across the Land.  Into the valleys and up the sides of the mountains.  Only the highest peaks were still crowned in ice and snow.  Since Mother Earth wanted to remember the ice age, the Spirit Animals would also remember.  The Raven gathered up the earth and snow to make bears.  For every nine Black Bears, there would be one White Bear to remind those who wander that Winter’s icy fingers once gripped the Green hills and rippling rivers.

“It was the great Raven who gave us the windmill,” the Chief continued.  “He flapped his wings in the pond daily to stir up the Water, so it could not freeze.  We learned to harness the power of his wings and the Wind.”

The elders gave thanks to the Raven, his Wings and the Wind.

“But tonight, we come together to tell another story.”  The Chief looked around at each person individually to drag out their anticipation, his eyes finally resting on Namid.  “The Dancing Star fell to Mother Earth to land on the sand.  When the sand water cooled, it left a replica of the world in glass.  Who has found a globe of this beach glass?”

Namid shyly stepped forward and handed the ball of white glass to the Chief, who took it and held it over his head.

“A sign!” he cried.  “The Raven is pleased with our Earth and our Skies and wants them to join.  When Summer returns, the White Bear will marry the Dancing Star.”

Waabi-Makwa and Namid looked at each other and smiled.  Namid touched her hand to the branch of Green leaves in her hair, a gift from her Bear-Man.


P.S.  This is based on a First Nations story of the Raven and the Bears.  I merely blended the people, the names, and the props into a story for my daily writing exercise.

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