The Number 22

The Number 22 has always figured prominently in my life. It’s been there as a blessing … a guide … a warning … a safety number.  Matthew, my only child, was born on February 2nd … 2/2!

When I got Carly, our chocolate lab puppy, she came from a puppy mill. They told me her birthday was May 22, then May 12. The vet figures it’s closer to the 12th but we celebrated both, especially after Annie, the Husky mix, joined our family. Her chosen birth date is May 14. We spread out the birthday fun.

I knew for sure that I had a lump in my breast on January 22nd. I attended a Winter Wonderland Masquerade Ball with my boyfriend and we stayed at a nearby hotel. I wore a beautiful Calvin Klein white sequined dress and a white filigree masquerade mask. After a wonderful evening of dinner, drinks and dancing with his work colleagues … we went back to the hotel for our private après-party fun. I woke up on Sunday – naked – and rolled over next to him, with my hand jammed up against my right breast, while he spoke to his mother in Italian. And I felt it again. I couldn’t – and wouldn’t – think about it now. Just live in the moment and enjoy. His birthday also fell on the 22nd. But he wasn’t meant to be more than a brief part of my life – in and out – to help me find the lump. For that I should be grateful.

The day 22 figured prominently in my life with my abusive Ex. The day I told him I was pregnant. The day I sought counselling. The day my new lease on life in a dirty apartment was finalized.  The 2 am morning I woke up to his red angry eyes standing over me, screaming at me to get out.  There were countless invisible scars.

But I pulled myself up and out of that gutter by focusing on my health and fitness.  I ran.  I worked out.  I climbed.  I did the CN Tower climb in 22 minutes …

When I bought my Alex & Ani 22 bracelet, I also wanted to get a numerology token for my best friend Fran. She was embarking on a new journey with her life and career and I wanted to get something meaningful for her. With the help of the sales lady, we figured out which number was meant for her: 22! I bought us matching bracelets.  As the other bracelet says – the one Fran gave to me – Everything Happens For A Reason.  The other two Alex & Ani bracelets are my Guardian Angel wings … my Guardian Angel works over time … and my red dot that I purchased when I finished my AC chemo cocktail of the Red Devil.  The other two bracelets hidden in there are two Pandoras.  One is my animal collection and the last is a Mom charm from Matthew.  All are meaningful and close to my heart.

When something happens around the number 22 … I have learned to listen. Sometimes I make a bigger deal out of it than is meant, but I have to follow its lead to find out. Sometimes I don’t like the lesson. Sometimes I do.

While out on a first date this week, we went to Ajax Downs for drinks, a free concert and to blow a whole $20 each in the casino. We cashed out with a whopping 22 cents left and laughed! Back to the bar for more drinks and great conversation. It turned into a 5-hour date. He graciously gave me the 22 cent voucher, with the understanding that I owed him a second date.  We clicked better than I expected.  I had blown him off a few times but he persisted, and I am glad.  Who knows what will become of him. I am not in a rush, playing the field and dating while I count down my chemo weeks. I have a date with someone else tonight. Heather has scored big on POF … over a hundred messages. Some back away when they hear the cancer story but that’s perfectly fine. It’s all about me and my timeline right now. They either fit in or they don’t. I really don’t give a damn. But I am enjoying the journey.

I’m ready to end the chemo chapter. I start the radiation chapter and am scheduled to receive 21 days of radiation therapy … I will ask for 22. And then what?  Life is getting back to normal.  I think I will spend 22 minutes giving myself a fresh pedicure for tonight!

It’s 9:22am. Time to get up and get going.

I looked up at my phone and it was 2:22pm.  I often wake up at 2:22am!

Have a wonderful day.  Do something special tonight at 22:22.  I will be … on a date!


P.S.  OMG!!  So last night’s date was with a firefighter who happens to be at Station 222 … How crazy is that?!

The Fox 

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