Meet Sophie!

Sophie pho

Hi everyone!  This is Sophie … if you are following along on my Pink Dot Detour with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, you know that I lost all my hair 13 days after my first chemo infusion.

Each wig – I currently have five with two more in the works – brings out different characteristics of my personality.  When I first donned Sophie, I loved the Sophia Lauren auburn … but this persona didn’t have the sophistication of Sophia.  So she opted for the less complicated name of Sophie.

When you meet Sophie, think of the girl next door … wearing cut off jean shorts and flip flops while shrieking with laughter as she races you down to the creek to go fishing.  She will catch tadpoles with her hands, then set them free.  Sophie prefers a lake to a pool and a picnic to fruity rum punch.  She is at ease in her tomboyishly cute mannerisms.

Sophie wants to curl up on some sleeping bags in the back of a pickup truck and look at the beautiful starlit skies with you … preferably somewhere far north where there is less light pollution.

She’s open and sweet and refreshingly uncomplicated.  Easy going, loves to laugh.

Sophie – like Lisa – rescues animals.  When I was 6 years old, I did my first ballet solo as Alice in Wonderland after she shrank from drinking the “drink me” potion.  This photo below is from practice … because the “official newspaper release” photo was awful.  I had fallen out of a tree trying to save a cat … bruised the side of my face, skinned both knees and red, swollen eyes from crying (the cat ran off and I wanted to take her home).

Small Alice

After my first chemotherapy infusion, I had a complete crash of my white blood cells, neutrophils and platelets, so after four days in Emerg, they admitted me to the oncology ward and kept me for six whole days.  Once I was finally discharged from the hospital, I felt perfectly normal!  I wanted to do normal things!  When my TEAM Dog Rescue core needed help transporting supplies and dogs for our incoming Northern Dogs, Sophie rose to the occasion.  She lugged 60lb bags of dog food, made up foster packs, drove 100kms to Caledon to pick up this 10-month-old sweetheart “Rain”Sophie then dropped the pup off at her foster home in Toronto before going home.  It felt good to be doing what I loved, feeling normal and rescuing dogs.  Read this blog post for my thoughts on our connectedness to others: The Butterfly Effect

Sophie Rain

Sophie steps out to grocery shop in a tshirt, jeans and Sketchers.  She is “Betty” to Heather’s “Veronica”.  “Mary Ann” to Heather’s “Ginger”.  Heather wouldn’t be caught anywhere in that getup!  Perfect hair, makeup done, skinny jeans and knee-high, boots.  Heather will DRIVE. YOU. CRAZY.  She will walk away when you ask her to wait and then give you lip service when you call to her.  Any wonder this is Heather’s lipstick??  Oh, Heather … You didn’t!

Heathers lipstick

Heather parties like a rockstar with her friends, but Sophie prefers the quieter dinner parties with besties.  She’s wholesome and bubbly … yes, you can drink champagne with Sunday dinner!

Pink Dot on tour

Both ladies – Sophie and Heather – appreciate the women and men in our lives.  The ones who have stepped forward to offer help, encouragement, a smack on the ass when needed.

Yesterday – for my second chemo infusion – I should have brought Sophie to the Chemo Lounge so Terri and I could look like the sisters we are … But Heather had promised an appearance!

May 2 Chemo Lounge 2



Lisa, Sophie & Heather love all of you!

Rocking the Chemo Lounge,


P.S.  Terri thanks for guiding us in white light.  XO and a thousand thank yous!

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