The Great Divide

When I look at the continental divides of my generational family, it looks more like the San Andreas Fault rather than the Everything Fits Neatly Into Little Boxes In A Tree fairy tale series I tried to squeeze it into. Those store-bought baby albums didn’t accommodate divorced and remarried grandparents… or any other deviation from…

Fr. Mark Goring

Fr. Mark Goring in Ottawa This man has had a profound effect on my spirituality.  Amen, Mark. ~ Lisa

Ink to Pixel

It has been more difficult than I anticipated to return to writing online. For over a year, my stream of consciousness has bubbled over neatly clipped stacks of white lined sheets titled with the date, section, chapter, page, then categorized and colour-coded with liquid highlighters.  This is how I journal/write. I can Venn Diagram my…

My graffiti with punctuation.

This guy does it well:  Fr. Casey Cole Yes.  Yes I did notice how cute he is but we aren’t going there.  He’s a priest!  And, not old enough to recognize the Benny Hill theme!  LOL! Lisa Dawn   Quote attributed to Fr. Casey Cole.

What is a born-again Christian?

What is a born-again Christian? All of us have a completely different mental image pop into our head with those words.  For some, it will be a pleasant experience; for others, it will mock their very existence. To someone who has seen the light, that rush of warmth and love and peace rolls back in. …